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It’s in the backstage that it all began, with the first flightcase made
to keep my mythical drum set, a
Premier,When I was dabbling at the time,
among many other things, in being a musician.”

[Riccardo Redaelli]


And backstage still remains the reference point around which it grows
and the laErre experience develops. Products made for professional shows must be perfect,
Calibrated to the millimeter, light and strong at the same time. With the advent of technology, machinery
and equipment have become more sophisticated but also very expensive
and it is therefore essential to be able to handle them safely,
also taking into account the generally very tight production schedule.


LaErre products meet all of these needs.

Work Case

A mobile workshop in every color, shape and size


Generic flight case with a system of internal repositionable dividers


Rack made in standard or cushioned version


A transport system that guarantees the protection of the monitors


Flight case for any kind of Led projector, moving head, shaper, stage bar

Direction and Mixer

Compact audio-video-lighting direction.
Portable everywhere


Flight case for cameras, camera controls, accessories for modular system