Drink | Coffee | Kitchen | Beer

The food industry, today one of the most important sectors in the world,
has the need to move products safely, to display and create
islands for sale within large commercial structures as well as to communicate.
laErre has created, for many Italian and foreign companies, systems that allow
to meet all these needs in a simple and effective way.
The same systems have also been widely used in the beverage industry,
of soft and energy drinks, wines and liquors.


For tobacco it is a different matter
In this case we are not talking about cigarettes but cigars and pipes,
and the creation of corners dedicated to “vice” in the most dandy sense of the word.

Get inspired by looking at some of the products already made

Drink Case

Co-infused case for your drinks

Coffee Case

Flight Case to contain, transport and display a coffee machine with grinder

Kitchen Case

Flight Case with equipped kitchen,
the front cover becomes a dining table

Beer Case

Flight Case customized with your brand and made in carbon finish