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It’s not enough to have an item to show off, in order for it to be appealing you need to display it well!
Properly displaying your products is essential, but how many times have you found yourself
in the position of wasting half the time “preparing” your installation?
laErre studies effective solutions to display your products
in the best possible way and as quickly as possible.


LaErre flight cases allow you to transport your materials safely and quickly, especially offers solutions
“ready-made” that is, all-in-one solutions: the flight case, the transport tool,
also becomes a ready-to-use display; not only will it be a gorgeous display
but will also save you time and effort!


With laerre flight cases organizing office work has never been so easy!
Whether it’s for your office or doing off-site work laErre won’t let you lack for anything,
flight cases are studied and designed for any need and usable in any environment.

Get inspired by looking at some of the products already made

Expo Case

Modular flight cases used for exhibition of small and medium-sized products

Set up Case

Flight cases for ideal solutions in the exhibition world

Autonomous Office Case

Fulfills office needs for off-site or onsite event locations

Case Office Pc

Fulfills office needs for off-site or onsite event locations

Backlit Desk

Desk tailored for your office

Movable desk

Movable desk thanks to wheels with workstation for one or more persons


Simple desk with workstation for one or more people

Desk with drawers

Mobile desk with drawers with workstation for one or more persons


Flight case used to transport and display products, a real portable showcase!

Work case

A real mobile workshop the flight case is used to transport material for your work