Medical | Electromedical

Safety, solidity and reliability, these are the key words related to the medical world.
Medical instrumentation is a very delicate and valuable piece of equipment,
that’s why laErre offers the highest quality solutions for the transport and use of your medical equipment.
Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to these items, from the first to the last moment of use
of the flight case and equipment all must be secure,
laErre experience has no equal in the accuracy and reliability of flight cases for this sector!

Get inspired by looking at some of the products already made

Medical with
loading platform

Flight Case used to transport medical equipment with wheels.

Trolley medical

Flight Case used to transport small medical equipment.

Ultra-protected medical

Flight case used to transport large medical and electro-medical machinery.

Medical trolley XL

The Flight case is rugged and lightweight, used to transport medium-sized medical equipment.

Medical case

It is a practical and lightweight flight case used to transport small medical devices.

Physiotherapy and balance

The flight case is designed for convenient handling but at the same time must ensure ease and speed of preparation and use of the machinery once on site.


Case made of polypropylene, lightweight and durable with machined foam
outline inside.