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LaErre offers DIVIDERS: the anti-contagion dividers.
To protect your health and the health of those around you LaErre offers simple safety devices,
effective and at the same time allowing you to make your space
pleasant, welcoming and worry-free work environment.


DIVIDERS has several lines of products each designed
for certain situations and environments, they are also completely
customizable according to your needs, they are designed to be positioned
on any desk or counter thanks to the self-supporting structure.
The materials are of the highest quality, starting from transparent polycarbonate
compact with 6mm thickness, DIVIDERS also uses wood, aluminum and colored laminates
to recall your corporate colors or for aesthetic needs.

Why choose DIVIDERS:

Top quality materials for durability
– Panel thickness 6mm: high strength and great stability
– Easily disinfectable with non-aggressive alcoholic products
– Safe shipment with sanitation at origin
Customizable: send us a request to have a custom partition for you
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